What Makes a Dating App Successf, By Developers Who’ve Built 15+ of these

What Makes a Dating App Successf, By Developers Who’ve Built 15+ of these

We’ve dipped our feet in several industries, but there’s something special in regards to the po that is dating. To date, https://besthookupwebsites.org/tantan-review/ STRV has generated a amount of a unique top-rated relationship apps (like Surge and Zoe) and contains helped produce or expand a lot more than 15 dating apps for our partners—including some big names we’re perhaps not at freedom to say.

Why is dating apps exciting for developers and designers is the fact that concept that is fundamental easy yet malleable. We’re constantly astonished by the a few ideas our lovers bring our means, a few ideas that provide us brand new regions to explore in a global we all know therefore well.

As of this point, it is reasonable to state we’ve learned a lot. We’ve seen thrilling ideas fail and also have had to figure away why. We’ve seen surprising successes that slowly exposed habits which we now utilize as guides. And through the years, we’ve been in a position to categorize a few of these learnings into ten categories that are main.

To collect the maximum amount of information that you can, we talked to STRV Co-founder Martin Stava, Frontend Platform Lead Danny Kijkov and Surge CEO Jakub Sedlak. Nevertheless before we enter the facts, just a little about how precisely this app that is dating at STRV started.

STRV Co-founder Martin Stava and Frontend System Lead Danny Kijkov


You can find too client that is many to go over in a single article, so let’s focus regarding the dating apps we’ve made from scratch, and just how it simply happened.

STRV began toying by having a mobile-first dating software in a time of dating sites. These websites had been predicated on users seeing a grid that is large of, selecting whom they wanted to contact, and moving in cd. Some had apps that are mobile nonetheless they had been just hefty, d-scho copies regarding the internet platforms. It had been a pre-tinder age, the other had been lacking.

“Our idea was that users shod be able for connecting differently than simply picking away from a couple of individuals,” explained Martin. “The dating internet concept had numerous flaws. For starters, it absolutely was sluggish; opening profiles one after the other, messaging at random, etc. Another issue had been spamming. There is no stability or contr over who’s messaging you. We wished to sve this.”

That sution? The overall game, STRV’s first very own endeavor into dating apps. A person saw three pages together with to decide on one, then arrived the following three, an such like. It had been enjoyable, simple and fast. However with Tinder simtaneously releasing their swiping hit, our plans got steamrled.

STRV finished up selling the overall game to Spark Networks, a dating company that is global. As luck wod own it, Spark Networks had been seeing its users proceed to mobile-first platforms, while the business ended up being lacking a strategy that is mobile. We had been very happy to help and took on mtiple projects, including Christian Mingle.

It absolutely was surrounding this time that STRV began acknowledging the possibility of more niche-oriented dating apps, which timately led to Martin and their team of other engineers founding the STRV-made dating apps Surge and Zoe—for the gay and lesbian community, respectively.

Today, Surge hds an App shop score of 4.5 predicated on 10k reviews, has 10M messages delivered each month and had been ranked the very best homosexual dating application of 2019, while Zoe is the greatest rated lesbian software of 2020 and hds an App shop score of 4.6 considering 10.9k reviews. The five years we’ve focused on constantly enhancing the consumer experience and appeal that is all-around of apps have taught us priceless classes.

These lessons, combined with provided knowledge all of us has accumated for a mtitude of customer jobs, can most useful be summed up within the flowing points.


Dating apps are easy, single-purpose services and products. Just do it, fool around with the look, the features, the aspects unique to your product or service. But remember why your users downloaded the application: they need a quick, simple method of building personal connections.

Whenever establishing away to make a dating that is new, you begin with an idea which makes your app stand out amongst its competition. Don’t lose sight of the. That you established at the start as you move forward, you may be tempted to keep adding additional functions on top of the ones. It isn’t always necessary.

When Tinder’s swiping technique started catching in, Tinder assumed that users wod get exhausted from it, and so the group began brainstorming brand brand new features as well as a networking aspect that is social. These social functions never caught on because that is not really why Tinder’s users considered the application. As explained by Martin:

“A typical dating app individual opens within the application, pursuit of some time, communications for a time, continues on a romantic date and, as soon as it calculates, she or he will leave the application. It’s important to help keep this in your mind.”

A dating app’s that is best“feature the individuals. That’s the major reason why even der apps with slightly outdated designs nevertheless remain on top. Your primary objective would be to build a residential area of users that think in the app’s promise that is primary.